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Resonant, baritone, articulate and authoritative voice

A good voice is one that is filled with warmth and expression;  it should also have an even resonance that’s easy on the ears, it should  carry well so people can understand exactly what you’re saying, and it  should be flexible and have a wide range of natural pitches.

Years of Business, Sales and Marketing Experience

A voice talent with business, sales and marketing expertise enables the performance to become a revenue generator — making an even greater impact on your bottom line.

A Voice that Reflects Your Image

Companies spend a great deal of time on logos, color selection and other cues they think of as “branding”—the look and feel of their website, collateral and signage. But very few take the time to consider the benefits of employing a unique voice over artist. Consider this: If you were to mask the logo on your website, would you sound unique? Or would you sound like everyone else (i.e., your competitors)?

Your tone of voice isn’t about what you say but how you say it—and it’s about the impression your brand leaves on customers. Developed correctly, your tone of voice can be the secret sauce for your image recipe by using a professional voice over artist.



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The Voice of Bruce Goldberg

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